🌺Hi! I’m the author of Strive Bright.🌺

For those of you that may know, this website used to be called something else, but I’ve decided to rebrand and instead of focusing solely on photography, I will be writing about different subjects.

I’m interested in a bunch of stuff, so… I’m going to be writing about a bunch of stuff. This is my last semester of study and I’m on my way to receiving a bachelor of arts in international studies. My major consists of a European geographic concentration and three professional development areas: politics, international relations, and social movements.

The point is, expect different types of blog posts, such as vegetarianism, writing, culture, politics, history, social movements, migration, the environment, and international relations. I’m also interested in health, fitness, art, photography, poetry, languages, books, media, movies, television series and a bunch of other stuff. 

A goal of mine is to begin a project on this site that highlights the many individual stories across the world. I want to share my story and the stories of those willing to share theirs. We all live on one planet and although we may be a part of a different culture and most likely were raised differently, I think it’s nice to dive into the lives of other people and get a sense of what it is to be human. We all have different experiences, but I want to dive deeper into the human experience. Are we all the same despite our differences or are we innately different? Are there similarities across borders? Is social media and globalization creating a global consciousness? These are just a few questions I hope to eventually be able to answer.   

That’s about it for now. If you are interested in what I post, be sure to subscribe, comment, like and share! Thank you for stopping by!

Also.. yes, you are correct. My site is still under construction, but I’m working hard to make it better! 

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