Where I’ve been, where I want to go…

I’ll be lying if I told you, I’ve traveled far and wide. I’ve been to a few places outside of my hometown, but I aim to travel to more places in my near future. I was born and raised in southern California. Within California, I’ve been to Yosemite Park, Los Angeles, San Diego, Big Bear…


There is a breeze that shakes within myself, hoping to do something I’d rather contain unveiled underneath my keepsake for no one but I to know, unless I take the step not dared to be made. ©strivebright.com


There are melodies that shine way up high every time I whisper all the secrets from my life. I get to sleep at night and dream of all the colors from last night. Craving for happiness that strikes my way, inching to penetrate my deep self-restricted maze. ©strivebright.com

Soulful Eyes

Even if a hundred years pass by, I will always remember the time when I first laid eyes upon him and his beautiful soulful eyes that carried me through the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. ©strivebright.com


Sometimes I’m caught between the lines Not knowing which way to turn to Unable to decipher what’s right from wrong And now I’m trying to keep this smile Hoping all is alright And that everything I aim for Will actually blossom This time Wishing I could sit under this tree Knowing everything will be just…

Successful Bliss

If you live your days like you’re not living at all, will you be remembered? And will your presence be heard? Will there be a voice, illuminating the darkness that may someday make its way through? Will the oceans be there to guide you when you need it the most? Will the strength you have,…

Our Earth

The earth is heavenly As it means we are guaranteed A space to be alive and free To celebrate the truth between The lines of our reality. We are free to breathe, Free to see Only if we are given The gift to see, But more than that Is not guaranteed As sad as it…


There is a side one tries to hide when all falls through but the side that reaches truth is the side one holds on to. ©strivebright.com


They stared at each other contemplating their existence when a magnificent view grabbed their attention. Their lives came to focus when they realized life is a work of art worth every breath. ©strivebright.com


He smiled at her playfully as she placed her hair behind her ears. She felt the breeze push against her instincts to stay calm as her hair strands took a life of their own. It was chilly but the sun was still bright so she wore sunglasses that day. He reached for her hand and…