Our Earth (Poetry)

The earth is heavenly As it means we are guaranteed A space to be alive and free To celebrate the truth between The lines of our reality. We are free to breathe, Free to see Only if we are given The gift to see, But more than that Is not guaranteed As sad as it…

Two in One (Poetry)

In the midst of the jungle stood a couple who won the hearts of many. They found each other miraculously after having been lost for centuries. ©strivebright.com

Dawn (Poetry)

He escaped his personal lies and wandered down the deep path of solitude searching for something better to do to live up to his childhood memories. ©strivebright.com

Dreams (Poetry)

When you close your eyes you tap into a whole new world, escaping the darkness, freeing your mind, and releasing every shred of uncertainty. ©strivebright.com

Destiny (Poetry)

They stared at each other contemplating their existence when a magnificent view grabbed their attention. Their lives came to focus when they realized life is a work of art worth every breath. ©strivebright.com